das riesenrad

das riesenrad


die zerstörung des 3. turmes

das dreiländermünster

The Basel Bitebridge bites

The Basel Bitebridge



The Spirit Of The Opéra

Basel All Confused

BILZ - Building For International Lamella Exchange

Roche Overdose

Everybody In The Swimmingpool

Speed Of Light

Smoke Chills & Kills

Thurst For Rhine

Martin's Oboe

Meret's Playground

Beyond Imagination

Roche Empire

Close To Everyday

Basel 2035

Holy Tips

Meret's Legacy

Future Vision

Red Blue Squadron

They Are Everywhere


High Visit

The Confessional


The first UFO from Basel. This is a film shot of my dad from february 10th 1953. You can clearly see the green spots on it. Much later at the limmat on 12 september 2019, the green spots have become full.

Much later my dad admitted to manipulating the footage. For this reason he was always the effect daddy for us. Nevertheless that was the trigger for founding a lamp shop. The Laterna Magica Ltd. And so the success story of the famous UFO lamp has taken its course...

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